PVC S 6558

Typical data

Properties Unit (SI) PVC S 6558 Test Methods
K-value _ 65 DIN-53726
Sulphate ash wt% max 0.05 DIN-53568/2
Volatiles wt% max 0.20 ISO R-1269
Bulk density gr/lit 600 DIN-53466
Screen analysis (reside on seive)     DIN-53734
> 63 micron      
>250 micron wt% min wt% max 90 5  
Dark resin (particles in 250 gr PVC) No. max 30 HULS-6.7
Plasticizer acceptance grDOP/100grPVC min 10 DIN-53417/1
Fish eyes number per 25 cm² max 5 HULS-6.9
Flowability (dia. of funnel outlet) mm max. 4 HULS-6.10
Viscosity number Cm³/gr 105 DIN-53726
Residual VCM ppm ≤ 1 HULS-6.11
* Typical Values: not to be construed as specifications.

Polyvinyl Chloride
(Injection Molding)

General Information

PVC contains approximately 56% by weight of chlorine. This polymer possesses thermoplastic properties. Grade PVC S 6558 has low porosity & high bulk density.

Typical applications

  • Pipe and fitting
  • Injection molding