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Typical data

Properties Unit (SI) PP EPC 40 R Test Methods
Polymer properties
Melt flow rate (MFR)     D1238/L
at 230°C and 2,16 kg gr/10min 7  
Mechanical properties
Tensile test

strength at yeild MPa 27
Fluxeral modulus MPa 1350 D790
Tensile impact test     D638
elongation at yield % 12  
Notched lzod     D526
impact at +23°C J/M 95  
impact at -20°C J/M 40  
Rockwell hardness R Scale 86 D785
Thermal properties
Heat deflection temperature     D648
at 0.46 N/mm² °C 88  
Vicat softening poing     D1525
at 10 N °C 150  
Oven aging     D3012
at  150°C Hours 1000  

Polypropylene Random Copolymer
(Injection Moulding Grade)

General Information

Moplen PP EPC 40 R is a heterophasic polypropylene copolymer designed for injection molding battery cases and technical items. The product offers an excellent balance of mechanical properties and process ability and features an excellent long-term heat- stability. Articles molded with Moplen PP EPC 40 R offer a good balance of stiffness and toughness, good surface properties and a very high resistance to chemicals and crazing.

Typical applications

Moplen PP EPC 40 R is largely used for automotive components; Battery cases, cooling water compensation reservoirs, brake fluid reservoirs, wash water reservoirs, dashboard supports, luggage compartment trims and door trim panels are typical applications.

In the electro-technical industries, Moplen EPC40R is used for appliance, cables and wires (e.g. as slotted core element in fiber optic cables).

Moplen PP EPC 40 R is especially suitable for food contact.