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Typical data

Properties Unit (SI) EP2X83CE Test Methods
Polymer properties
MFR (230°C / 2.16 Kg) gr/10min 1.8 D1238/L
Optical properties
Gloss Rating 78 D523
Haze % 15 D1003
Thermal properties
Vicat Softening Temperature at 10 N  °C 132 D1525
Oven aging at 150˚ C Hr 360 D3012
Heat Deflection Tempreture at 0.46 N/mm2 °C 82 D648
Mechanical properties
Flexural Modulus MPa 1050 D790
Notched Izod Impact at +23˚ C J/m 120 D256
Tensile Strength at Yield
MPa 28 D638
Rockwell Hardness
R Scale 85 D785
Tensile Impact Test Elongation at Yeild %
13 D638

Polypropylene Random Copolymer
(Extrusion & Blow Moulding Grade)

General Information

EP2X83CE is a clear polypropylene random copolymer particularly suited for blow molding technology and single or multi-layer sheet extrusion. The product impacts excellent clarity and gloss and these characteristics may be further enhanced through orientation process (i.e. injection stretch blow molding). Due to these properties EP2X83CE is an interesting alternative to P.V.C. for use in blow molding, sheet extrusion and thermoforming applications.

Typical applications

Blow molding applications include bottle for detergents and toiletries, flat mineral water, fresh fruit juice and concentrates, jar for condiments and preserves.

Extruded sheets made of EP2X83CE are widely used in stationary folders and thermoforming articles such as trays for fresh pasta, sweets or biscuits, fruit and vegetable containers and pots for dairy products.

EP2X83CE is especially suitable for food contact.