LL0209 AA

Typical data

Properties Unit (SI) LL0209 AA Test Methods
Polymer properties
MFI (190° C/2.16 Kg) gr/10min 0.9 ASTM  D 1238
MFI (190° C/21.6 Kg) gr/10min 29.0 ASTM  D 1238
Density gr/cm³ 0.920 ASTM  D 1505
Mechanical properties
Tensile Strength at Yield, MD/TD MPa 10/11 ASTM D 882
Elongation at Break, MD/TD % 620/840 ASTM D 882
Tensile Strength at Break, MD/TD MPa 41/32 ASTM D 882
Tear Strength, MD/TD gr/25mic 145/370 ASTM D 1922
Impact Strength, Dart gr 150 ASTM D 1709
Haze % 10 ASTM D 1003
Gloss (45°) Rating 56 ASTM D 2457
Dart Drop Impact g 140 ASTM D 1709(A)
Secant Modulus MD/TD MPa 195/205 ASTM D 882
Puncture Resistance N.Cm 800 BPC
Coefficient of Friction   >0.5 ASTM D 1894
Thermal properties
Vicat softening point °C 100 ASTM D 1525

Linear Low Density Polyethylene
(Film Grade)

General Information

LL0209 AA is linear low density polyethylene copolymer containing butane-1 as the co-monomer. 


In lean blends, this resin offers greater drawdown compared to LDPE neat and produced films are tough with better tear resistance, high tensile stress and good hot-tack properties.

Typical applications

  • Shipping sacks
  • Carrier and garbage bags
  • Consumer packaging
  • High clarity film if blended with LDPE
  • In lean blend to producing FFS and agricultural film