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Typical data

Properties Unit (SI) HDPE5620EA Test Methods
Polymer properties
Melt flow rate (MFR)     D1238
at 230°C and 2,16 kg gr/10min 20  
Density gr/ 0956 D1505
Mechanical properties
Tensile test

stress at yield MPa 22
Tensile Modulus MPa 900  
Flexural modulus MPa 1000 D790
Tensile impact test     D638
elongation at yield % 700  
Hardness Shore D - 66 D2240
Charpy impact resistance     D256
notched impact resistance kJ/cm² 4  
Thermal properties
Vicat softening point °C 124 D1525

High DensityPolyethylene
(Injection Grade)

General Information

HDPE5620EA is a high density polyethylene copolymer grade with a narrow molecular weight distribution, suitable for thin wall injection molding applications.


High flow, high warpage resistance and suitable for fast cycling applications.

Typical applications

  • House wares, caps and closures, thin House wares, caps and closures, thin bases.
  • HD5620EA is especially suitable for walled containers and PET bottle bases.