Typical data

Properties Unit (SI) HDPE52518 Test Methods
Polymer properties
MFR (190˚ C/2.16 Kg) gr/10min 18 ASTM  D 1238
Density gr/ml 0.952 ASTM  D 1505
Mechanical properties
Flexural Modulus
Mpa 1350 ASTM D 790
Notched Izod impact at 23˚ C J/m 25 ASTM D 256/A
Thermal properties
Vicat Softening Temperature °C 122 ASTM D 1525

High DensityPolyethylene
(Injection Grade)

General Information

HDPE52518 is a HDPE copolymer for injection molding applications requiring a good balance between easy of processability and flowability and mechanical properties.

Typical applications

Housewares, high fluidity, injection molding grade