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Typical data

Properties Unit (SI) HDPE HI0500 Test Methods
Polymer properties
Mass density     ASTM D1505
at  23°C g/cm³ 0.936-0.967  
Melt flow rate (MFR)     ASTM D1238
at 190°C and 2,16 kg g/10min 4-6  
Mechanical properties
Ash content wt% 0.06 max ASTM D1063
Volatile matter wt% 0.05 max ASTM D1960
Tensile test

strength at break gr/cm² 170 min
elongation at yield % 300 min  
ESCR hr 4 ASTM D1693
Thermal properties
Vicat softening point °C 124 ASTM D1525
Melting point °C 130 ASTM D2117

General Information

HI0500 is a natural high density polyethylene copolymer grade with good physical properties, suitable for injection molding applications.

High Density Polyethylene
(Injection Grade)


High flow, high warpage resistance and suitable for fast cycling applications.

Typical applications

  • Crates
  • Industrial parts
  • Thick wall parts