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Typical data

Properties Unit (SI) HDPE HD EX3 Test Methods
Polymer properties
Density gr/cm³ 0.944 53479
Melt flow rate (MFR)     53735
at 190°C and 5,00 kg gr/10min 0.5  
Mechanical properties
Volatiles %wt 0.2 BP138
Impact strength (Charpy Index)
mj/mm² 22 53453
Resistance to internal pressure
hr 170 min
* Values shown are averages and are not be considered as product specifications.

High Density Polyethylene
(Pipe Moulding Grade)

General Information

EX3 (M5010T2N) is a high molecular weight, high density poleythylene copolymers, developed as general purpose resin for use in pressure and non-pressure pipes.


Offers excellent chemical resistance and environmental stress crack resistance.

Typical applications

  • Suitable for extrusion into a full range of pipe and fittings sizes, where high density resins are required.
  • Suitable for use in transport of wide range of fluids for industrial, rural and mining applications.
  • Suitable for food contact.

Processing conditions

  • Recommended melt temperature: 200 - 230˚C
  • Recommended film thickness: 10 – 200 µm