Typical data

Properties Unit (SI) HDPE BL3 Test Methods
Polymer properties
MFI (190˚ C/5 Kg) gr/10min 1 DIN 53735
Density gr/ml 0.954 DIN 53479
Mechanical properties
Notched Imapct Strength Mj/mm² Min 6.5 DIN 53453
ESCR, plax (70˚C, 0.5bar) hr Min 2 Hoechst HDPE 19
Standard Yellow Index - Max 4 DIN 6167

High Density Polyethylene
(Blow Moulding Grade)

General Information

HDPE BL3 is a high density polyethylene grade with broad molecular weight distribution, suitable for blow moulding applications.


  • High rigidity
  • Good flow ability
  • Good impact Strength
  • Good stress cracking resistance

Typical applications

  • Containers ranging from a few ml up to 10 liters
  • Sheets for thermoforming