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Calfin 1158

Typical data

Properties Unit (SI) CALFIN 1158 Test Methods
Physical properties
MFI (190°C/5 Kg)
g/10min 3 ± 1 ASTM D 1238 
Mineral content
% 76 ± 1
ASTM D 4218
Pellet size  Pieces/cc  30 – 40 PPT METHOD 
Appearance  Pellets Slight White PPT METHOD 
Moisture % Max 0.2 ASTM D 644
Dispersion  OK PPT METHOD 

Calcium Carbonate
Filler Master Batch 

General Information

CALFIN 1158 is polyolefin based masterbatch filled with a fine treated calcium carbonate. It is designed for use in mono and multilayer blown or cast film applications based on HDPE, LLD/LDPE and PP to improve optical and mechanical properties such as stiffness, dimensional stability, printability and thermal conductivity whilst providing significant cost reduction potential due to replacing white MB and base polymer partially. It can be used as an anti-block agent as well. 

Typical applications

CALFIN 1158 is designed for ease of dilution and homogeneous mixing and is therefore suitable for direct addition using automatic dosing units or by pre-blending. Depending on the application and film structure it can be used from 5% to 40%

It ’s applicable for food contact application.