A message from Mart Makers BoD

For the last couple of years here at Mart Makers, we've been contemplating on expanding our scope of activities to include foodstuffs. Being born and located in the great nation of Georgia with an abundance of water resources and coastlines, Mart Makers’ seafood subdivision of foodstuffs was and is of particular interest to our company's new expansion.

Based upon the company's core value of reaching and building new markets, it is our hope that Georgia's fishermen and aquaculture farmers would benefit from our market outreach. By providing top of the line products and services with competitive pricing, transparency and professionalism, Mart Makers is aiming for a diverse international clientele. With these two fundamental components coming together, Mart Makers hopes to encourage investment in Georgia's fishing and aquaculture industry and would take a leading role in that direction as well.

These challenges might exceed the limits of Mart Makers as just a company in the private sector. But the attitude and culture of our hardworking staff and their desire to see the company's successful expansion, as a tiny step in our nation's economical progress, empowers Mart Makers to undertake this challenge.